Monday, August 15, 2005

Airline Trivia

KLM is the world’s oldest airline.

Qantas is the world’s second oldest airline (established in 1920).

Qantas stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services.

The maximum strength of winds at cruising altitude is 250 miles per hour.

The weight of the Airbus 340 landing gear is 17 tonnes.

Twenty Concorde’s were built including four prototypes that were quickly retired.

The Concorde’s first commercial flight was on January 21st, 1976 with British Airways on a flight from London to Bahrain and on an Air France flight from Paris to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The highest cruising altitude of an Airbus A330 is 41,000 feet.

A Boeing 747-400 can require more than 9,000 feet of runway to takeoff when fully loaded.

Air Canada made 5,600 tire changes in 2000.

A tire on an Airbus 340 weights 290 pounds.

The Boeing 747-400 has 18 wheels.

Aircraft tires average 300 landings before the thread is worn out.

Two and a half million passengers have flown on the British Airways Concorde.

A Boeing 747 approaches for landing at speeds between 130 and 160 knots depending on their weight.There is no radar coverage when flying across the Atlantic Ocean.

Airplanes are separated by 1,000 feet vertically and 60 miles horizontally on tracks that change daily due to the wind.

Pilots must maintain a specified speed and altitude and report their position every 300 miles to a controller in Gander or Shanwick who monitor their progress.

The average core temperature of operating jet engine is approximately 700 degrees Celsius.

Qantas was the first airline to provide around the world service (1958).

Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith made the first flight across the Pacific Ocean from Oakland, California to Brisbane, Australia in 1928.

A Boeing 747 Captain flying for a major North American Airline makes approximately $300,000 per year.

The Rolls-Royce RB-211 turbo jet engine is found on the 767, 767, 747, DC-10 and MD-11. The “RB” stands for “Rolls Barnoldswick” which is the Rolls-Royce center in Yorkshire where the engine was developed.

Atlanta Hartsfield airport was the busiest airport in North America with 915,454 movements in 2000.

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